Pack 720 Leadership Team

2019-2020 Slate of Leaders



Mr. Rick Carrillo

Cubmaster Rick has been in scouting for many decades now. As a youth, he earned both his Arrow of Light and Eagle scout. He has been involved in the Order of the Arrow, and has a rich history of scouting experiences, both as a youth and as an adult leader. He currently works at Harris and is originally from Maryland. He plays the guitar and likes to ride motorcycles. He loves sharing the camping skills of scouting and seeing the youth develop through the scouting program. When he was younger, he got to date the voice of “Lucy” from the Peanuts animated cartoon.

Committee Chair


Mr. Paul Matchett

Mr. Paul is on his 3rd year in the scouting program and is loving every moment of it. He especially loves the time he gets to spend with his family camping. Some of his special interests in scouts surround community service, such as the scouting for food program. In his free time, Mr. Paul likes to spend a lot of time outdoors and biking. He brings a lot to the table as a den leader, during the day he works real estate and has to meet a lot of unique individuals, and he has transferred this into excellence in leadership with the Bears den.

Chartered Rep


Pastor Ron Meyr

Pastor Meyr has been involved in scouting for many years. As a youth, he earned his Eagle rank and has been serving as an adult scouter for decades in both the boy scout and cub scout sides. He loves kayaking and hiking the Florida Trail. His strong support for scouting comes from that which scouting bestows on youth beyond the tangible awards,  knots, leadership skills, but helps to develop their internal moral character and keep their compasses pointed “true north”.

Assistant Cubmaster(s)


Mr. Stephen A Salaka

Mr. Stephen has spent most of his life in scouts, camping, hiking, and learning to survive in the wilds of the backwoods, joining as a young scout and never leaving the program. Even after he earned his eagle, he transitioned straight into the role of BSA Troop Committee Member for almost 2 decades. Once his son was old enough to join scouting, he transitioned into the role of both Tiger Den Leader and Lion Guide. As a business leader of an international team of software developers in his daily life, he takes these leadership and organizational skills (along with years of BSA training) to help the den and the pack grows and prosper. Stephen is also an 8th-degree black belt, has his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, currently towards a nursing degree, and is a strong supporter of the scouting movement. He attributes much of his success as a business leader to his time spent as a youth in scouting, and he enjoys watching the “light go on” when the scouts learn something new. He’s ready to help the next generation of leaders grow and prosper and loves the scouting method for helping them get there.

Arrow of Light Den Leader(s)


Acting Co-Leader: Mr. Rick Carrillo (Cubmaster)
Acting Co-Leader: Mr. Paul Matchett (Committee Chair)

Who be awesome? We Be Awesome
Who be great? We Be Great
Who be loyal? We Be Loyal
WeBeLoS, WeBeLoS, WeBeLoS

With an awesome program, and great leaders, the Pack 720 Webelos program the best (at least we think so). We are always looking for more individuals to help us wrangle the cubs and help them on their first step in their transition to scouts. If you’d like to step up and help take on this challenge, please click here if you are up to the challenge…

Webelos Den Leader(s)


Mrs. Meghan Kramer

Coming from Girl Scouts as a youth, the transition to being an adult leader was very easy for Mrs. Meghan. She spent 4 years as a den leader (starting out as Tiger den leader) until she moved to the area and was searching for an awesome pack to continue her scouter experience. She works as an environmental engineer and loves that the scouting program stresses environmental conservation, leave no trace, and low impact camping. She’s an avid runner, and if she’s not running around coordinating something at scouts, she’s participating in the local races and marathons. For her, scouts represent the best program that instills both practical life skills as well as ensuring that the scouts are developing both morally as well as mentally.

Bear Den Leader(s)


Mrs. Rina Salaka

Mrs. Rina’s primary expertise comes from working as a trader, operating mostly in Asian countries to help negotiate contracts with clients and vendors. This has given her opportunities to learn how to deal with many different cultures in many difficult situations. Although she had never been involved in Scouting before (and never went camping – she especially hates bugs), she found that camping was pretty fun after attending Tiger Growl that year – sleeping outside in a tent in the middle of the woods for the first time. Since then she’s stepped up to help run the den, has been on more campouts, and is looking forward to all the new adventure lops this year!

Wolf Den Leader(s)


Mr. Eric Ray

Assistant: Mrs. Kimberly Ray



Tiger Den Leader(s)


Co-Leader: Mr. Jose Goyco

Co-Leader: Mrs. Julie Shannon

Julie is relatively new to scouting, serving one year as the Lion den leader with her daughter after a couple years as an Akela when her son began his scouting journey. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Julie has lived all over the place from Wisconsin, Missouri, Galway, Ireland to Washington state and now Florida.

All of these experiences have taught Julie an appreciation for different environments, perspectives, and to not fear change and she hopes to instill some of these same attributes in her scouts. Professionally, Julie is a manufacturing engineer at Boeing and looks forward to integrating STEM-related skills into den activities whenever possible.

Co-Leader: Mr. Reid Bronson

Lion Guide(s)








Have you earned your stripes yet? Volunteer today!

Unit Commissioner


Mrs. Charlene Nueterman

The unit commissioner is the connecting link in the chain between the troop, pack, and district, as well as being the “unit doctor”, teacher and solutions-expert. First and foremost the commissioner is a friend to the unit to be an advocate for it at the district level. Secondly, they are a representative from the BSA to the unit and from the unit to the BSA, they are the first point of contact for anyone from the unit needing assistance from the district, council, or national. Finally, while the commissioner is there to help the unit in overcoming obstacles they are facing, their primary role is to “train-the-trainer” ensuring that the unit can be self-sufficient and overcome its own problems.

Web Site Administrator

bsaWebmaster Mr. Stephen A Salaka

Did you find the secret code buried on the Pack 720 website yet? If not don’t worry if you weren’t able to find it, because there is no secret code buried on the Pack 720 website! (…or is there…)

The job of the Web Site Administrator is to ensure that all the Pack 720 internet properties (Facebook, Google Drive,, ScoutBook) and technology tools are up and ready for the members of Pack 720 to use. This means creating and maintaining training and enforcing Pack 720 policies.

The job isn’t too bad, all the messy content updates and news stories are handled by the other parents in the pack. All the administrator has to do is ensure the gremlins are periodically spray cleaned out of the internet, and regularly apply the anti-troll topical lotion to Facebook.

Pack 720 Committee


About the Committee:

The pack committee is the most important group in a Cub Scout Pack. Lead by the Committee Chair (appointed by the Chartered Organization), the Pack Committee manages and maintains the planning, logistics, and overall operations Cub Scout Program within the Pack.

The primary job for each committee member is the coordination and execution of their committee’s assigned tasks. For example, the members on the advancement team are responsible for all things related to advancement within the pack (tracking, reporting, ordering awards, etc…).

Just because you are not an “official” committee member (yet), or a member of a specific committee, don’t let that stop you from getting the work done! By default, all parents are considered committee members at large, and all parents are encouraged to attend and contribute their feedback at the monthly Parent Leaders meeting the Second Monday of every month.

Contact Information:

Pack 720 Committee

Committee Leadership

Committee Member Email
Programs Mr. Rick Carrillo
Training Mr. Stephen Salaka
Advancement Mrs. Irene Grissom
Mr. Toby Grissom (Sr)
Treasurer Mr. Ken Baker
Popcorn Kernel Mr. Ryan Bragg
Scouting for Food Mr. Eric Ray

Den Assignment List for Annual Activities

In addition to our exciting Cub Scout Program Curriculum, every year we have a standard slate of activities we do through the program year (these are just the regularly occurring ones, new stuff is happening all the time). To ensure that all scouts have the opportunity to contribute and lead activities in the pack, we have traditionally assigned individual rank levels to plan, organize, lead, and run these events.

The dates listed below are guidelines on when they normally occur on an annual basis. For the true dates, please refer to the Pack 720 Events Calendar.

Date Event Den
Aug Back to the Pack
Raingutter Regatta
Pack Committee
Sept-Oct Fall Campout Bear Dens
Sept Pack Birthday (09/10/1999) Pack Committee
Nov Liger Growl Tiger Dens
Lion Dens
Nov-Dec Webelos Woods/Webelos to Scout Transition Arrow of Light Dens
Webelos Dens
Dec Winter Party Tiger Dens
Lion Dens
Jan – Feb Pinewood Derby Webelos Dens
Feb Blue and Gold/Crossover Arrow of Light Dens
Mar-Apr Spring Campout Wolf Dens
May Pack Graduation All Adults of the Pack

Pack Leadership Opportunities

We’re looking for you! We are always in need of some curious adult leaders to assist us in delivering our awesome Cub Scout Program.

As a Cub Scout Den Leader you will be responsible for ensuring that the scouts in your den are on track with their advancements (including recording and approving completions), parents in your den are engaged in den activities, and that you coordinate with the other parents in the den for the den meeting logistics, field trips, activities, and supplies.

Pack 720’s Cub Scout Program is also unique because we require that all scouts work with closely with an Adult Partner (Akela). We don’t consider ourselves a drop off babysitting service and require that all scouts have at least one adult partner present with them at every meeting. So you, as a new den leader, will get a ton of support and assistance from the other parents in the den.

In addition to having the awesome other parents in your den to support you, we also have tons of ready-made den meeting plans that you can use and have an awesome (and ridiculously simple) system for planning meetings and tracking your scout’s progress.

The Den Leader is an Adult Uniformed Position and requires an Adult Application to be on record with the pack and council (including a background check and Youth Protection Training completion certificate).

To ensure we continue to deliver a quality program, the BSA has developed a training program for leaders to ensure you have all the tools necessary to be successful. By the end of the current calendar year you will be required to complete about 3 hours of mandatory training, but fear not, all of the training is online and you can take it all at your leisure (just think about it a second, if you just did 15 minutes a day you would be done in a little under 2 weeks)!

For more information about the requirements and responsibilities of a Den Leader, please see the Boy Scouts of America National Requirements and Responsibilities.

Your next step in helping Pack 720 to deliver the best program in the council, is to talk to the Cubmaster today!

All adult leaders have passed a rigorous background check, and have gone through comprehensive and continuing training.