Pack 720 Leadership Team



Mr. Rick Carrillo

Cubmaster Rick has been in scouting for many decades now. As a youth he earned both his Arrow of Light and Eagle scout. He has been involved in the Order of the Arrow, and has a rich history of scouting experiences, both as a youth and as an adult leader. He currently works at Harris, and is originally from Maryland. He plays the guitar and likes to ride motorcycles. He loves sharing the camping skills of scouting, and seeing the youth develop through the scouting program. When he was younger, he got to date the voice of “Lucy” from the Peanuts animated cartoon.

Committee Chair


Mr. Michael Gerhard

As a youth Mike was involved in cub scouts and took the explorer route during high school. He’s got 8 years of adult leadership and works as an Engineer for Harris. He owns a 40 watt laser that he helps the pack and troop with their engraving projects, and his hidden talent is making balloon animals. He loves scouting because it allows him to teach them skills that they don’t get anywhere else, and is a huge fan of camping and the outdoors.

Chartered Rep


Pastor Ron Meyr

Pastor Meyr has been involved in scouting for many years. As a youth he earned his eagle rank, and has been serving as a adult scouter for decades in both the boy scout and cub scout sides. He loves kayaking and hiking the Florida trail. His strong support for scouting comes from that which scouting bestows on youth beyond the tangible awards,  knots, leadership skills, but helps to develop their internal moral character and keep their compasses pointed “true north”.

Assistant Cubmaster


Dr. John Henderson

Dr. John spent a few of his years in youth scouting, and has been a very charismatic Assistant Cubmaster for Pack 720 for the past 3 years. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering, but despite the seriousness of his studies, he always has a great story, or injection of humor into the meetings and Pack events. His secret talent is being able to play the bag pipes. He originally joined scouting as an adult leader to spend more time with his son, but when he was at the Tiger Growl their first year, he decided that he would help step up and make the pack better. As scouting is all about the volunteers, he knew he could help by not just seeing the problems, but being part of the solution.

Arrow of Light Den Leader


Mrs. Brenda Gerhard

Brenda got her first taste of the scouting movements as a youth as she progressed through the Girl Scout program.  It’s now been 10 years since she stepped up as an adult leader in the scouting program, and has learned a lot about leadership and outdoor skills in that time. She likes to go hiking and camping, and she even has some time to get out on the water to go sailing. By day she works as a Software Engineer, but at night she leads the scouts through their last step before crossing over to Boy Scouts. Her strong belief in the scouting movement is based on there not being any other program out there that allows youth so many diverse opportunities to teach both values and skills. Skills, these youth would never experience elsewhere – such as wilderness first aid, survival, or even how to build a basic fire.

Webelos Den Leader


Mr. Chaz Wendling

As a youth Chaz was in cub scouts for several years, and this is his first year as a leader with Pack 720. He loves mountaineering and has climbed Mt. Rainier, Mt. Whitney, and hiked the Grand Tetons. Teaching principles to the youth, he sees scouting as “Adult training built upon traditional principles”. He loves that the youth can challenge themselves, but also work as a team to overcome any obstacle that gets in their way.

Mr. Craig Blood

Craig’s been involved in the scouting movement for the past 2 years, after coming back to it from Cub scouts in his youth. He currently works out at the cape, and coaches little league and softball. The biggest benefits he sees coming out of the scouting program are the diverse life skills that scouting teaches, as well as the comradery he sees as the youth become not only den members, but best friends.

Bears Den Leader


Mr. Paul Matchett

Paul is on his 3rd year in the scouting program and is loving every moment of it. He especially loves the time he gets to spend with his family camping. Some of his special interests in scouts surround community service, such as the scouting for food program. In his free time Paul likes to spend a lot of time outdoors and biking. He brings a lot to the table as den leader, during the day he works real estate and has to meet a lot of unique individuals, and he has transferred this into excellence in leadership with the Bears den.

Wolves Den Leader


Mrs. Meghan Kramer

Coming from Girl Scouts as a youth, the transition to being an adult leader was very easy for Meghan. She spent 4 years as a den leader (starting out as Tiger den leader), until she moved to the area and was searching for an awesome pack to continue her scouter experience. She works as an environmental engineer, and loves that the scouting program stresses environmental conservation, leave no trace, and low impact camping. She’s an avid runner, and if she’s not running around coordinating something at scouts, she’s participating in the local races and marathons. For her, scouts represents the best program that instills both practical life skills as well as ensuring that the scouts are developing both morally as well as mentally.

Tigers Den Leader / Lion’s Guide


Mr. Stephen Salaka

Stephen has spent most of his life in scouts, camping, hiking, and learning to survive in the wilds of the backwoods, joining as a young scout and never leaving the program. Even after he earned his eagle, he transitioned straight into the role of BSA Troop Committee Member for almost 2 decades. Now that his son is in scouting, he transitioned into the role of both Tiger Den Leader and Lions Guide. As a business leader of an international team of software developers in his daily life, he takes these leadership and organizational skills (along with years of BSA training) to help the den and the pack grow and prosper. Stephen is also an 8th degree black belt, is ABD with his PhD in Organizational Psychology, and is a strong supporter of the scouting movement. He attributes much of his success as a business leader to his time spent as a youth in scouting, and he enjoys watching the “light go on” when the scouts learn something new. He’s ready to help the next generation of leaders grow and prosper and loves the scouting method for helping them get there.

Committee Treasurer


Unit Commissioner


Charlene Nueterman

Web Site Admin

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All adult leaders have passed a rigorous background check, and have gone through comprehensive and continuing training.